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GIG Marketplace

GIG-tastic talent awaits you! Find the right service for every price point. Our round-the-clock support team is available to help anytime, anywhere.


Instead of being locked into long-term contracts with in-house recruiters or traditional recruitment agencies, Rent-A-Recruiter offers a more dynamic and responsive solution.

Intern Marketplace

Looking for an intern, but don't know where to start? An intern marketplace is like a matchmaking service for companies and students. Think Tinder, but for internships.

Intuitive support & guidance to get you conversions

At LMON, we are building a fractional community marketplace. We believe technology is the driving force in creating flexible ways to live.
Track KPIs
Get analytics on your job search. We give you access to the data you need to do better.
Want to connect with recruiters and fellow recruitees? Join our daily lunchroom sessions.
Connect with fellow freelancers, recruiters, and aspiring talent - our interns! Expand your network!
Gain LMON certification
Full transparency
Build your network

How it works

Create your profile
Get talking & show off your work!
Customise your offer & get compensated!

Designed for the 21st century freelancer.

Grow your business, grow your brand, and build meaningful relationships along the way.
Seamless support
Quality gigs
Improve earnings
Build relationships
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LMON certification

LMON Certification is a custom-built behavioural assessment that identifies consistent success patterns that adds value to businesses and professionals.
Gather insights
Gauge innovative ability
Gauge emotional intelligence
Hire smart
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We're building the ultimate flywheel for top talent by engaging three key stakeholders: freelancers, recruiters, and aspiring talent/interns.